My latest book project: Lace Shawl Design

I just started to write a book for aspiring lace designers as a kind of handy reference on lace design basics: things to know, calculations explained, shapes explained and the basics of stitchionary. I wished I had such a book back then when I started designing my first shawl as it would have helped me to avoid many mistakes I made simply because I did not know better back then.

My goal is to provide an easy to follow guide for everyone who wants to start designing his or her own shawls. The book will include the basics of design (gauge, calculations), instructions on how to design rectangular, triangular, circular and some special (e.g. Faroese) shapes, and a basic stitch dictionary so that you can start designing right away.

My question to you: are there any things you always wanted to know? Any questions you always wanted to ask? Your comments are very appreciated.