Donegal: a Faroese shawl in Aran weight

Donegal Faroese shaped shawl - jriede.deIt’s been almost 20 years since I visited Ireland back in 1994. We took the opportunity for a youth exchange back then: we visited (mostly Northern) Irland for two weeks, afterwards our Irish/British host families came to visit us in Upper Austria. It’s been a spectacular journey, especially in the context of The Troubles still going on in Belfast at that time. We met a lot of awesome people and had many interesting conversations about religion, politics and – of course – our different drinking habits, but this is another story.

As part of this journey we visited Donegal and had a relaxing afternoon at the wishing chair. One of my friends grabbed a book on Celtic Knotwork in a souvenir shop. Many years later I thought of her and the memories associted with this day during the knitting of my latest shawl design. I called it Donegal. It’s a Faroese shaped shawl worked top-down, started at the center neck. It features Celtic knotwork and is made out of Aran weight Cashmere/silk yarn from Bremont. The pattern will be released in a few weeks, as soon as test knitting has been finished.Donegal Faroese shawl -

2150 days in Josie’s life: time flies!

I’ve been quite busy the last days with everyday life. The kids returned to school, and for my little one this is her first year at primary school. Time flies!

It feels like it’s just a few weeks, but in fact almost six years ago little Josie joined our life. She’s been a premie, six weeks early, and it took her quite a while to overcome her difficult start into life.

Between the pictures shown there are 2150 days difference. Unbelievable, isn’t it? She’s grown up so fast. She even does not like knitted items any more and considers them to be uncool. Well, we’ll see what she thinks about it in ten years.

Meanwhile, I keep knitting.

News on my upcoming book: Adjustable Shawls

The project already runs for a while now. This is the real problem when having a dayjob: there’s always way too less time for knitting. But nevertheless I managed to finish one of the shawl prototypes for the book today. It still needs some blocking of course, but here comes a picture as a first glimpse:

Dora shawl pattern from the book "Adjustable Shawls"

It’s a relatively easy pattern. If you can do yarn overs, ssk’s and k2tog’s, this pattern is for you!

Today, I’m going to finish a second shawl, too: the prototype for Hannah, also for the Adjustable Shawls book. I took a picture today as a preview – it will be all blocked and prety tomorrow, I hope.

Hannah shawl prototype for the book "Adjustable Shawls"

Spring inspiration

For the upcoming spring and summer season 2013 I’m about to look for pattern inspirations – not primarily for sales patterns but for myself, things I would like to wear. I recently found this lovely piece on Pinterest,

it could easily be crochet, but would look lovely in either a soft silky laceweight yarn or – for autumn – in Rowan Kidsilk Haze or similar. But I’m still thinking about the flowers and how to include them, no clue yet.