Heel Week day one: German short row sock heels (a.k.a. the Kylie Heel)

German Short Row HeelWelcome to Heel Week! For the next five days, we’ll focus on sock heels and jump right into it with the German short row heel. Locally, it is called Bumerangferse (boomerang heel), I like to call it the Kylie heel.

Main features: it can be worked as an afterthought heel (more on these on Wednesday), has a snuggle fit and is easy to knit if you know how to work short rows. It does not provide additional stitches at the instep which is the mainreason I mainly use it in female sock patterns. It can be worked on any number of stitches.

The double stitch. The Kylie heel uses the German method for working short rows – with a special stitch referred to as “double stitch”. To make a double stitch, insert needle as if to purl with yarn in front. Slip stitch off the needle, pull working yarn strongly to back, so the slipped st falls to the back and the stitch in the row below is pulled up over the right hand needle.

Abbreviations. mds: make double stitch. ds: double stitch.

How to work the Kylie heel

The first number you need is the number of total stitches your sock is worked with. Divide this number by two (eventually round to the lower) and call it H ( = number of heel stitches). This heel stitches are going to be divided into three sections: two outer sections, over the short rows (double stitches) are worked, and the center stitches. The number of stitches in these sections are called O (outer stitches) and C (center stitches) below.

Divide H by three and determine the remainder of the division.

If the remainder is zero: O = C = H/3.
If the reminder is 1: O = (H-1) / 3; C = O+1.
If the remainder is 2: C = (H-2) / 3, O = C+1.

As soon as you know the numbers O and C you can start right away.

First half of heel:

  • knit O+C+1 sts, turn (you’re now on the WS).
  • mds, purl C+1 sts, turn (you’re now on the RS).
  • mds, k to next double stitch (ds), turn. Do not work the double stitch!
  • mds, p to next ds, turn.
  • repeat the last two rows until you have completed O double stitches on each side of the heel.
  • knit to end of heel (working each ds as one st), then knit H stitches.

The yarn is positioned at the beginning of the heel again.

Second half of heel:

  • sts, turn.
  • mds, knit to next ds, knit ds (as one), k1 – this is your turning point – turn.
  • mds, purl to next ds, purl ds (as one), p1 – this is your turning point – turn.
  • repeat the last two rows until you are at the end of both sides (O ds at each side again).

That’s it, basically. Give it a try!

Another picture of the Kylie sock heel

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