Shawl Design in Plain English: pattern preview

My upcoming book on how to design lace shawls (or how to design shawls in general) is in the final phase now. We are waiting for one more sample shawl to arrive here, then the professional photo shooting will take place. Depending on the weather forecast the shoot will take place this coming Thursday, March 22nd or Friday, March 23rd, 2012.

There will be nine patterns included in the book:

Alpine Fuchsia, a rectangular shawl worked from hem to hem

Alpine Fuchsia Stole

Persia Goes Green, a rectangular shawl worked from center outwards

Persia Goes Green Stole

Orenburg Meets Germany, a square shawl


Callie, a triangular shawl

Callie shawl

Hug Me, a circular shawl

Hug Me shawl

Raglan Faroese, a DK weight Faroese shawl with Raglan shaping

Raglan Faroese shawl

Redwing, a laceweight Faroese shawl with traditional Faroese shaping

Redwing shawl

and Priscilla, a little crescent shawl and Marlene, another triangle. For the last two shawls there are no showable pictures right now, they will be added as soon as they are available.

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